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Meet some inspiring people in this issue: Veterans talk about surviving at home. Also: Learn how Florida became the premier swing state. Read all about it.

Steamboats ‘round the bend

How did steamboats bring life to frontier Florida in the late 19th century? Hear all about this June 4 in Palatka. And check out more on our calendar of events around the state, here.

Seeking Orlando Veterans

Interested in sharing your stories of life and the military with Orlando audiences? Apply by June 3 to be part of The Telling Project. Click here for more information.

Library Funding Available

Attention, libraries! Funds are available to bring our PrimeTime reading program for underserved families to your community. Apply by August 15. Information here.

The Way We Worked

Bring a Smithsonian exhibit to your small town in 2017. The deadline to apply has been extended to August 5th! Click here to find out more about the Museum on Main Street program.

Think Florida, Think Water

Water is the essence of Florida’s identity. How has this liquid life force shaped life in Florida and what challenges do we face? Check out how you can explore these questions, here.

Why is Florida a political powerhouse?

When political pundits try to read the tea leaves in presidential elections, why do they look to Florida for clues? How did our state, once a small southern backwater, become a bellwether for the nation? Respected political scientist Susan MacManus delves into this fascinating evolution in her essay, “How Florida Became the State to Watch.”

Read this, check out some fascinating charts, and survive this political season with a different perspective!


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