Florida Humanities has awarded $41,600 in Community Project Grants to six cultural organizations across the Sunshine State to support bold and impactful public humanities programming. From a self-guided bike tour through a historic Black community to a festival celebrating the story of the Black Seminole settlement “Angola,” these funded programs seek to preserve Florida’s diverse history and heritage.

Community Project Grants provide up to $10,000 in funding to nonprofits and public institutions that develop humanities-rich public programs that aim to promote civic engagement and community dialogue and provide communities the opportunity to reflect on the future of their state.

The newly awarded grants are listed below:

Goodwood Museum & Gardens (Leon) – $10,000
“The Goodwood Residential Community; Race, Class and Economic Disparity 1900-1925”
Goodwood Museum & Gardens will host three roundtables to guide a discussion on the evolution of American Society in the 21st century. Results of the discussions will help inform the creation of new interpretive devices on the campus.

Oaktree Community Outreach, Inc. (Manatee) – $7,500
“Back To Angola Festival 2022”
Oaktree Community Outreach will organize “Back to Angola,” a public humanities program and community festival that celebrates, pays homage to, and disseminates the story of the Black Seminole settlement “Angola,” its history, its inhabitants, and the resilience of its descendants.

Okeechobee Historical Society (Okeechobee) – $1,250
“Gimme That Old Time Religion”
The Okeechobee Historical Society will create and install 20 banners that display the history of Okeechobee churches constructed as part of the U.S. Works Progress Administration in 1937. These banners will be hung in the Okeechobee Primitive Baptist church (1923).

Ormond Beach Historical Society (Volusia) – $8,000
“Ormond Beach Historical Society – Speaker Series (2022-2023)”
Ormond Beach Historical Society will host the 17th year of its public Speaker Series. Running from September 1, 2022, to June 24, 2023, the series will explore Florida’s history, culture, and notable historic figures through 15 lectures and discussion-based programs.

St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance (Volusia) – $10,000
“DeLand Black Heritage Trail – Pedaling Toward Equity”
The St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance will develop, activate and raise awareness for the “DeLand Black Heritage Trail – Pedaling toward Equity” project in the Greater Spring Hill area. The self-guided tour will connect historic places and serve as a catalyst to break down invisible barriers and strengthen community ties.

The Hermitage Artist Retreat, Inc. (Sarasota) – $4,850
“The Hermitage Artist Retreat presents ‘Artists and Thinkers: A Creative Conversation Series’”
The Hermitage Artist Retreat will host two separate hour-long virtual programs that explore the research and creative process behind theatrical production and the vital role art plays in shaping our future.

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