Featured image above: African-American women stand in front of a car decorated for an Emancipation Day parade in the Lincolnville community in Saint Augustine, ca. 1925. Photo courtesy of Florida Memory.

Florida Humanities has awarded $39,000 in Community Project Grants to four cultural organizations across the Sunshine State to support bold and impactful public humanities programming. From a Juneteenth celebration that recognizes the critical role women played in preserving the history of the historic town of Rosewood to a heritage trail that shares the history of Highway 17 North, these funded programs seek to share Florida’s diverse history and heritage.

Community Project Grants provide up to $10,000 in funding to nonprofits and public institutions that develop humanities-rich public programs that aim to promote civic engagement and community dialogue and provide communities the opportunity to reflect on the future of their state.

The newly awarded grants are listed below:

Crealde School of Art (Orange) – $9,500
“Juneteenth Celebration in Hannibal Square”
The Crealde School of Art will hold its 8th annual Juneteenth Celebration at Hannibal Square in June 2023. Activities will include the “Elegy to Rosewood” traveling exhibition, a panel discussion of scholars discussing the critical role women played in preserving Rosewood’s history, an open house at the Heritage Center, a program with Orlando’s poet laureate, and a choir performance.

Jacksonville Historical Society (Duval) – $10,000
“Highway 17 North Heritage Trail”
The Jacksonville Historical Society will design and install four outdoor kiosks and host complementary public programs that share the history of Highway 17 North and the noted African Americans who utilized the route to find freedom in the years following the Civil War and during WWII.

Miami-Dade Public Library System (Miami-Dade) – $10,000
“Voices from Florida”
The Miami-Dade Public Library System will host both in-person and virtual programs on topics related to Florida’s rich history and culture as part of its annual “Voices from Florida” lecture series.

Southside Redevelopment Advisory Council (Leon) – $9,500
“2023 Soul of Southside Arts and Humanities Festival”
The Southside Redevelopment Advisory Council will host their annual weeklong Soul of Southside Arts and Humanities Festival in May 2023 to commemorate Emancipation Day in Florida. Activities will include a panel discussion and a historic coach tour through Tallahassee’s southside.

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