Alligators in Florida Culture

Presented By Jeff Klinkenberg

Few states have a relationship with an animal in the way that Florida does with the alligator. Whether it’s a school mascot, being wrestled at a tourist attraction, or sunbathing on a golf course, these reptiles are ubiquitous to our state. After hearing Jeff Klinkenberg’s lecture, and watching his accompanying video, you’ll agree that there can be no Florida without alligators. Hey, keep your hands inside the canoe.

Required Equipment:

  • Projector with HDMI connection or adapter

Scholar/Presenter Information:

Jeff Klinkenberg

Jeff Klinkenberg

Jeff Klinkenberg is the latest winner of the Florida Humanities Council’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing. He’s the author of “Son of Real Florida: Stories from My Life,’’ a collection of essays about growing up in Florida and the places, people and things that make our state unique. “Nobody writes about the real Florida with as much insight and affection as Jeff Klinkenberg,’’ says Carl Hiaasen, author of the best seller Razor Girl. “His essays — spanning the length and breadth of this intoxication, infuriating state — are pure gems.” Prepare yourself for an entertaining program that features Jeff’s celebrated storytelling, a slide show and videos.