Running toward the Sun

Tribal elder Betty Mae Jumper recounts how in 1837, two young Seminoles 
escaped from the Trail of Tears. In 1830, the United States began rounding up all Southeastern Indians east of the Mississippi River and marching them to what had been declared Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. Many perished on the grueling journey, which became known as the Trail of Tears. Only the Florida Seminoles offered armed resistance, setting off

Funding Opportunities for Arts Organizations

As humans with brains hardwired for creativity, the arts and the humanities are not that separate, right? While they are distinct from each other in their methods, “the arts” (like theater, dance, music, and visual art forms) and “the humanities” (history, literature, criticism of the arts, etc.) can complement each other in innovative ways. This distinction, however, can be all the difference in receiving funding from Florida Humanities.

Book Festival Grants Informational Webinar

Submitting a successful Community Project Grant application should not be a shot in the dark. Join Florida Humanities Grants Director Lindsey Morrison for a 1-hour webinar that walks attendees through tenets of a successful application, common pitfalls of denied grants, and strategies to ensure your application – and public humanities programming – is the best it can be.

A Taste of FLORIDA

A Rich Melange Chef Alain Lemaire gives a modern spin to Haitian Creole cuisine. By Dalia Colón Featured image above: Chef Alain Lemaire, Maybelline Photography. Alain Lemaire knows where your mind goes when you think of Haiti: earthquakes, political upheaval, crisis at the border. But the South Florida chef wants to showcase a different side of his homeland: beaches, music, waterfalls, food. Especially food. “There is such a big community
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