For the love of… pickleball?

Florida seniors are not just watching sports, they’re playing in ever-greater numbers By Jon Wilson THE VILLAGES — Pickleball. Come on, is that a serious sport? In a word: Very. But what a name. More on that in a minute. First, consider the racket game’s prodigious popularity. The Sports and Fitness Industry Association estimates up to 2.8 million people play nationwide. In The Villages, a central Florida retirement community, thousands

Sarasota Sunset

Sarasota sunset Searching for one thing and finding another My wife and I had been in the Sarasota area for three days when I awoke one morning with the goal of photographing summer thunderstorms — particularly lightning. After breakfast, we drove to St. Petersburg’s Fort De Soto State Park looking for an unobstructed view of developing storms. Later, we saw the beginnings of a thunderstorm near Bradenton Beach, so we