For the Love of Florida: Introducing Lindsey Morrison, FHC Grants Coordinator

As a seventh-generation Floridian growing up on the Gulf Coast, a love for Florida’s diverse cultural heritage and natural landscape runs deep in my soul. If you didn’t know where I was as a kid, you’d only have to look to the nearest longleaf pine forest trail, freshly built fort on a beach, or halfway up a large live oak tree, and there you’d find me! It is this love

In The Early Morning Mist

In the early morning mist I woke just after 4 one morning and texted a friend to ask if he’d like to join me in Bushnell and motor over to Lake Apopka to get some early morning photos of wetland wildlife. After he said “no way,“ we met at McDonald’s and headed out. As we were leaving the parking lot, we learned the park was closed, so we hatched Plan

What We’re Reading, Spring 2019

In this issue, Jill Rourke, head librarian at the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library, recommends two favorites. “Historical novels are a delicious blend of history and the imagination, peeling back time and space and often — through great characters — letting us view history through a slightly different lens,” she writes. “The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead blew my socks off! Whitehead envisions the Underground Railroad as an actual working railway

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