• River and road

    By Jared Beck and Pamela Miner Gold Medal, Visual Arts An Excerpt: Love by Design 1215 Caloosa Drive Having met as teenagers through youth groups sponsored by their respective synagogues, Carolyn and Bruce Gora first

  • Norman Van Aken’s Florida Kitchen

    By Norman Van Aken Gold Medal, Cooking An Excerpt: ON FUSION COOKING “The fires of fusion are coming.” —Norman Van Aken, On Fusion Cooking 1988 Thirty years ago I wrote the words above sitting in

  • Calling a Wolf A Wolf

    By Kaveh Akbar Silver Medal, General Fiction An Excerpt: MILK the geese are curving around the horizon drawing maps a curve is a straight line broken at all its points so much of being alive

  • An Honorable War

    By Robert N. Macomber Silver Medal, Popular Fiction An Excerpt: For twelve years, I’d predicted war with Spain was coming and that we in the navy had to be ready. For many national leaders, my

  • Rodzilla

    By Rob Sanders Gold Medal, Younger Children’s Literature An Excerpt: Big, bad trouble in Megalopolis. This is Channel 15 News reporting, and . . . one moment please . . . WOOBLE-WOOBLE-WOBBLE. TODDLE-CLUNK. Oh, no!

  • Crimes in a Second Language by Elizabeth Sims

    By Elizabeth Sims Silver Medal, General Fiction An Excerpt: The Dog Does Not Answer A white woman with her hair in a bun and perspiration spangling her upper lip disembarks a bus in a Los