• All My Sins Remembered

    By Ron Cooper Silver Medal, General Fiction An Except Sue’s Prius was in the driveway beside Deputy Blevins’s Ford F250, and no lights were on in the house when Sergeant Dalton dropped Blevins off at

  • Just Being Jackie

    By Margaret Cardillo Silver Medal, Young Children’s An Excerpt: Now Jackie would be living in the White House, the same place she had visited with her mother years ago. Unfortunately, not much had changed. It

  • Just Right Family: An Adoption Story

    By Silvia Lopez Gold Medal, Younger Children’s An Excerpt: “Tell me my favorite story,” I say every night. It’s not in a book. Mama points to the big map on my wall, to a place

  • La librería del mal salvaje

    By Hernán Vera Álvarez Gold Medal, Spanish Language An Excerpt: El orden de las cosas Una biblioteca es una autobiografía. En este caso, los libros que vendemos tienen la dictadura del mercado –top ten de

  • Barnburner

    By Erin Hoover Bronze Medal, Poetry An Excerpt: “The Lovely Voice of Samantha West” I once worked at a call center. We weren’t allowed to talk, only script-read, and I thought: Can’t they automate this?

  • How the End First Showed

    By D.M. Aderibigbe Silver Medal, Poetry An Excerpt: Before the Elegies It was the last time I stepped into your bedroom, I remember. You could hardly complete the name you gave me, but I moved

  • Knowing When to Leave

    By Kristina Neihouse Silver Medal, Young Adult An Excerpt: When I heard Becky come in just before sunset, I was on the floor on the other side of my bed, reading. I didn’t get up.

  • My Real Name is Hanna

    By Tara Lynn Masih Gold Medal, Young Adult An Excerpt: It is a good thing for us that it is October and there is no snow on the ground to show our footsteps. It is

  • Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba

    By Luis Martínez-Fernández Bronze Medal, General Nonfiction An Excerpt: In 1580, Captain Melchor Sardo de Arana arrived in Havana to take charge as alcaide of el Castillo de la Real Fuerza. The fort, which had