• Christmases-past were Florida style!

    Cactus-fruit pies, jousting competitions, and contraband bottles of whisky washing ashore have made for some memorable Christmases-past in Florida. Over the years, despite frontier hardships, wars and storms, folks have found distinctive ways to celebrate

  • A New Window to the Past

    By: Cindy Bear, Guest Contributor In 1926 one person prevented the final destruction of a massive sand mound used as a burial place by the Calusa people from about A.D. 1000 to 1700. Now, the

  • Remembering Mike Gannon

    Remembering Mike Gannon Michael Gannon’s remarkable life touched many thousands of Floridians. A school dropout who grew up in historic St. Augustine, he went on to become an eminent Florida historian. Along the way he

  • Race and Change: The Florida Experience

    Race and Change: The Florida Experience Read how Kitty Oliver, a veteran South Florida journalist, author, oral historian, jazz singer, and university professor, was inspired to collect the personal stories of Floridians from many cultures

  • How a beloved author learned to love Christmas in Florida

    How a beloved author learned to love Christmas in Florida “It seemed to me that my first Christmas at Cross Creek would break my heart,” wrote Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, a journalist who left Upstate New

  • How a worldly little lime found fame in Florida

    How a worldly little lime found fame in Florida After a winding journey some 500 years ago, a small, tart lime arrived in the Florida Keys. It had started out in southern Asia and was

  • Florida Stories Walking Tours Launching Soon

    Florida Stories Walking Tours Listen. These streets have stories to tell. Take a stroll through history with our free walking tours as your guide. Just download our Florida Stories walking tour app to your phone

  • A Historian’s Dreamland

    By Gary R. Mormino In 1977, Ybor City was in steep decline. Few of the original inhabitants of this once-vibrant ethnic community remained. Seventh Avenue was a shadow of the thriving commercial center of years

  • Meet Zora

    Who was Zora Neale Hurston? Get to know this singular woman, author of one of Florida’s greatest novels, Their Eyes Were Watching God; an independent spirit who didn’t let 1930s-era racial and socioeconomic obstacles stifle

  • What is a Florida Cracker?

    What is a Florida Cracker? Florida folk singers will tell you all about the tough Scots-Irish pioneers who tamed the Florida frontier. They are the great grandparents of today’s Crackers. What did they eat and