• Letter from the Director

    Finding shared values Three times a year I have the privilege of writing comments in this space. Usually, I want to celebrate a program we are funding, or highlight the theme of this edition of

  • Letter from the Director

    Celebrating the power of the word Words, carefully chosen and placed in the right order, convey who we are and what we value. It is no surprise that literature, poetry, and the study of languages

  • Letter from the Director

    We Gather from everywhere to build Team Florida Chances are you were not born in Florida. Only a little more than a third of us were, placing Florida at the top of the list of

  • A world without wonder?

    My sixth grade teacher, Don Anders, read poetry to the class each Friday afternoon. He read from The Best Loved Poems of the American People and liked to recite “Casey at the Bat” and its

  • How do the humanities anchor democracy?

    How do the humanities anchor democracy? We may live in a STEM-focused world, but the humanities remain crucial in helping us understand one another. And that is key to sustaining our democracy, writes Steve Seibert,