• Barnburner

    By Erin Hoover Bronze Medal, Poetry An Excerpt: “The Lovely Voice of Samantha West” I once worked at a call center. We weren’t allowed to talk, only script-read, and I thought: Can’t they automate this?

  • How the End First Showed

    By D.M. Aderibigbe Silver Medal, Poetry An Excerpt: Before the Elegies It was the last time I stepped into your bedroom, I remember. You could hardly complete the name you gave me, but I moved

  • Calling a Wolf A Wolf

    By Kaveh Akbar Silver Medal, General Fiction An Excerpt: MILK the geese are curving around the horizon drawing maps a curve is a straight line broken at all its points so much of being alive

  • Florida Students Recite Poetry

    Florida Students Recite Poetry On Saturday, March 11, nearly fifty students representing schools and districts across the state gathered in Tampa for the state’s Poetry Out Loud competition. These young poets practiced their craft for

  • Hurricane Haiku Winners

    Congratulations Haiku Winners! The public cast more than 760 ballots to select these top three winners in our Hurricane Haiku contest: We will send these poets Visa gift cards ($125 for first place, $75 for

  • Hurricane Haiku Ballot Box

    Hurricane Haiku Ballot Box Haiku ready? Come! Cast your votes and have some fun while we still have sun It’s time to vote for your favorite Hurricane Haikus! Vote below by awarding stars to the

  • Write a Hurricane Haiku

    Write a Hurricane Haiku It’s that hurricane time of year, Floridians—and that calls for a poem. Express your thoughts in our Hurricane Haiku contest! The top three haikus win Visa gift cards: First place, $125;