Just Being Jackie

By Margaret Cardillo
Silver Medal, Young Children’s

Just Being Jackie
by Margaret Cordillo

An Excerpt:

Now Jackie would be living in the White House, the same place she had visited with her mother years ago. Unfortunately, not much had changed. It still didn’t feel like a home to her. As first lady, Jackie decided to change that. 

She started by setting up a children’s playroom right outside the Oval office. Important business was conducted there, indeed.

  Jackie led a team of experts to make the White House a symbol of America. Thirty two presidents had lived there before the Kennedys. Where was the President Hayes desk of 1880? Or the portraits of Native Americans from 1821? Why wasn’t glass from West Virginia used in the dining room? What a shame that America’s most historical home had no history in it!

Jackie worked room by room to reestablish the charm and history of the White House. When foreign dignitaries came to visit, America would be proud to show them their home. Once the project was complete, Jackie invited the entire country in and gave a televised tour of the “first house in the land.”

Margaret Cardillo, Author, Just Being Jackie

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