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Write a Hurricane Haiku

It’s that hurricane time of year, Floridians—and that calls for a poem.
Express your thoughts in our Hurricane Haiku contest! The top three haikus win Visa gift cards: First place, $125; Second, $75; Third, $50. Deadline for entries is June 30 at midnight EST. Florida Humanities staff will select five finalists. Three winners will be chosen by a public vote on our website. Voting begins July 11 and ends July 17 at midnight EST. We’ll announce the winners on July 21 and publish them in the fall issue of FORUM, our statewide magazine.

Here’s how it works:

  • Write a hurricane-themed haiku in our online entry form below.
  • Your poem must follow haiku format. (First line, 5 syllables; Second line, 7 syllables; Third line, 5 syllables.)
  • Only one entry is allowed per person.
  • Only Floridians are eligible to participate.

To kick this off, we wrote some haikus to inspire you:

Wind whistling by
sideways rain slices my eye
Party time–stop by!
–By Brigitta

breeze turns to tempest
Mother Nature is angry
fear like flood rising
–By Jacqui

Lights out, matches wet,.
Roof blown off. Wind took the cat.
Gosh, I want a beer.
–by Jon

Hurricane Haiku Entry Form:


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