Congratulations Haiku Winners!

The public cast more than 760 ballots to select these top three winners in our Hurricane Haiku contest:

1st Place
Janie Seal

Paths and cones on maps
Pit of my stomach, churning
Please not here, or there.

2nd Place
Douglas Burkett

Forceful winds and rain
Nature’s violent tango
Tear up the dance floor

3rd Place
Jim Gustafson

If enough wind blows
It is given its own name
A breeze is nameless

Hurricane-Haiku-Winners-PageWe will send these poets Visa gift cards ($125 for first place, $75 for second, $50 for third) —- and feature them in our upcoming Florida Book Awards issue of FORUM, our statewide magazine (coming to you in September). If you don’t already receive FORUM, sign up for a complimentary one-year subscription, here.

Our great thanks go to the two runners up:

Robin Nigh
Grey sky like charcoal
Green palms are the painters brush
The storm is artful

Stacey Marquis
Spaghetti models
slice through the state, as we wait
and wait – for our fate

The competition was fierce. The five finalists were chosen from more than 350 haiku entries. Below, take a look at a larger sampling of this treasure trove of hurricane wisdom, wit, and lore. Each offers a personal insight and perspective on the unpredictable season we face together every year.

A Samplin’ of Haikus Submitted

Ragin roiling surf
Slate clouds hurl needle sharp rain
Winds howl: HURRICANE

Blown to Bits we are
Leaves in the teeth of the night
No ground below us

Perfect life Homestead
Newlywed then nearly dead
Hurricane Andrew

The strongest storms are
named for women because you
can’t survive either.

the shrill wind bellows
I will bury your condo
like Spanish treasure

Nautilus of wind,
you roar ashore and frappé
our false confidence.

First year bought flashlights
Fifth year, batteries and beer
Decades later, eh

Branches snap like bones,
Flood exhumes a shallow grave.
Fright night theatre.

Hurricane tattoo
Described the man perfectly
Calm eye. Destroyer

Waters slash, floods birth..
Rapacious winds whip to raze.
Memories scattered.

Hurricane winds lash
Action Weather alerts blast
To safety we dash

Florida summer
Days of never ending rain
Or a hurricane.

Stupid weather man,
why do you stand in the storm,
We know its raining!

They call me Tempest,
Furiously, intently,
I sweep clear my path

Hurricane winds lash
Action Weather alerts blast
To safety we dash

Deep eye of the storm
Calmly watches strong palm trees
Bow down to the wind

Category 5:
the atmosphere’s expletive.
Batten down or flee.

Wind plays warning flute
trees bend low, hope not to break,
in the dark, we wait

Breaths of running gods
Devour what my father built.
I watch. Mother turns.

She’s phenomenal!
Eerie calm, so still her eye;
sirens’ lullaby.


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