Meet Zora

Who was Zora Neale Hurston? Get to know this singular woman, author of one of Florida’s greatest novels, Their Eyes Were Watching God; an independent spirit who didn’t let 1930s-era racial and socioeconomic obstacles stifle her creative genius; a folklorist who captured back-roads songs, stories, and otherwise-unrecorded lives in the turpentine camps and juke joints of our state.


Singing Along Back Roads: Recording Florida’s Cultural Treasures

Read about Zora in the words of the late Stetson Kennedy, who worked with Hurston on a “treasure hunt” to collect cultural information about Florida for the federal Works Progress Administration. Click here.


Re-Enacting Zora

Listen to our fascinating audio snapshot by scholar/actor Phyllis McEwen, who has brilliantly portrayed Hurston on stage since 1990.

Shove it Over

Hear Hurston herself singing a song she learned from a Florida railroad worker in 1933. The workers sang this when they were lining up the rails.


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