FORUM Magazine Winter 2006

What is a Florida Cracker?

Florida folk singers will tell you all about the tough Scots-Irish pioneers who tamed the Florida frontier. They are the great grandparents of today’s Crackers. What did they eat and how did they survive here more than 200 years ago? How does their culture endure today? Enjoy the music and hear the stories below.

Florida Cracker Definition

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Cracker Music

Length: 5:56 Recorded: 7/1/2006

Songwriters talk about composing new songs honoring the heritage of Florida’s crackers.

Cracker Food

Length: 5:37 Recorded: 3/1/2006

Native Floridians look at some of the traditions and customs surrounding the food they grew up with.


FORUM Magazine Winter 2006

Cracker Country

Long before the Wild West, Florida’s rancheros, Seminoles, and Crackers were riding, roping (and sometimes rustling) our country’s first cattle on the steamy, subtropical frontier. That story, plus Patrick Smith, moonshiners, Bone Mizell, He-Coons, and lots more, in our newly digitized “Cracker Country.”

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