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Looking for something to watch tonight?

The Florida Humanities Council’s video archives are filled with gems worth seeing — or hearing — again. These two short videos and one podcast (below), created with the support of FHC, are sure to entertain and inform.

The Springs: Jewels of Florida

This documentary educates while reminding you why Florida’s springs are singularly awe-inspiring. Visually beautiful, this 2013 film, created by Makayla Wheeler, is a primer on the springs and why they are so vulnerable and worth preserving.

A Bear Story

There are bears in these woods, and this segment from the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition documentary invites you to visit them close up yet from a safe distance. It features an interview with researcher Joe Guthrie, who presents the story of the University of Kentucky’s bear research in Central Florida.

Florida After WWII

Highways, air conditioning and pesticides: According to University of South Florida St. Petersburg historian Gary Mormino, these were three of the developments that transformed Florida, for better or worse, into an American paradise after World War II. In this podcast, Mormino is interviewed about Florida’s development, the subject of his 2005 book Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams.


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