ENews Archive 2015


Issue: December 2015

See how Florida sold the sun

  • Don’t send this to friends up North…unless you want company
  • Presidential historian Jon Meacham to speak on the art of leadership
  • Follow the trail to Florida’s Indian heritage
  • Win fame and fortune for your school: Enter this contest by Dec. 30
  • Teachers, give yourself a holiday gift
  • Our thanks go to PalletOne Inc.
  • Special holiday sale


Issue: November 2015

What was the REAL first Thanksgiving feast? (Hint: Not turkey)

  • The REAL first Thanksgiving feast? It depends on who writes the history
  • Don’t miss an unforgettable weekend in historic Tarpon Springs
  • Educators, reserve your spot in these fascinating workshops
  • Recite a Poem, Win Fame and Fortune
  • Members, we’re sending you a new benefit!
  • Love the humanities? Tell us why


Issue: October 2015

Florida veterans talk about coming home from war

  • Watch for our television documentary!
  • “Telling Pensacola” premiering Nov. 7-8
  • Educators, don’t miss these great workshops
  • Recite a Poem, Win Fame and Fortune
  • Looking for an unforgettable weekend? 
  • We welcome four new board members 
  • Thank you to Gulf Power!


Issue: September 2015

See oystering, architecture, and art during our cultural tour of historic Apalachicola

  • Join us in charming Apalachicola: Explore this maritime town Nov. 13-15
  • Learn about Florida’s prehistoric people
  • Hear stories of cowmen, Cracker culture, and 500 years of ranching tradition 
  • Tour old St. Augustine 


Issue: August 2015

Meet this year’s Florida Book Award winners – featured in FORUM magazine

  • Meet top Florida authors in our latest FORUM magazine
  • Don’t pass this up!
  • Bring some poetry  into your life
  • Events around the state
  • Welcome back, educators
  • Our thanks to the Saunders Foundation!


Issue: July 2015

Delve into questions about Florida’s liquid life force: WATER

  • Think Florida. Think Water
  • Our mobile app will guide you through old St. Augustine
  • Want a cultural walking-tour mobile app for your community?
  • FORUM Magazine coming to you in August
  • Congratulations to Florida’s top teacher
  • Thank you, Duke Energy!


Issue: June 2015

See archaeology of sunken Spanish ships during our cultural tour of historic Pensacola.

  • We’re Gathering in historic Pensacola: Explore this global community Sept.18-20
  • Calling all Pensacola-area veterans
  • Think Florida. Think Water
  • Coming in August:  FORUM magazine


Issue: May 2015

Experience our multimedia journey to the wild heart of Florida

  • Embark on an uncommon adventure to a faraway Florida world
  • Think Florida, Think Water: Explore these opportunities
  • A big thank you to our supporters for our big “Give Day” success!


Issue: April 2015

Enjoy our digital FORUM magazine on today’s St. Augustine

  • Stroll through St. Augustine via digital FORUM magazine
  • Humanities camps offered for high school students
  • Give Day-May 5 Support Veterans Documentary
  • Bring the Smithsonian to your hometown
  • Congrats to these outstanding educators!


Issue: March 2015

Liquid gold for teachers, FORUM magazine, student camps, vets on stage

  • Educators! Learn about Florida’s liquid gold
  • Explore today’s St. Augustine
  • Humanities camps offered for high school students
  • Military veterans tell their stories on stage


Issue: February 2015

Explore today’s St. Augustine in FORUM magazine: How does our nation’s oldest city cope with modern challenges?

  • Explore today’s St. Augustine in our next FORUM magazine
  • Hear military veterans tell their truths on stage
  • Teaching Florida alumni: Return at no tuition cost
  • Meet us in St. Augustine!


Issue: January 2015

See two icons debate the civil rights dream–one of our many Black History Month programs

In this issue:

  • Black history icons debate how to achieve the dream
  • Educators, sign up now for workshops
  • Join us in St. Augustine
  • Listen to the stories of our military veterans
  • Welcome, new board members!