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Issue: December 2016

How a great writer learned to love Christmas in Florida

  • How Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings learned to love Christmas in Florida
  • Thank you for a great 2016! We appreciate all of your support
  • Teachers: Explore the life, work  and  ‘mystique’ of Zora
  • The Smithsonian is coming to Okeechobee
  • Our great thanks go to Pineapple Press and UPF

Issue: November 2016

Read the curious story of Key Lime Pie – and enjoy some Florida Thanksgiving zing

  • How a worldly little lime found fame in Florida
  • Southwest Florida veterans, share your stories
  • Bring a speaker to your town for Black History Month
  • Save the Date
  • Congrats, FORUM survey winner!
  • Seven grants awarded for projects around the state

Issue: October 2016

Who built Florida? Let the story unfold as you walk through town

  • Listen: These streets have stories to tell
  • Attention: Southwest Florida military veterans
  • Highlights of our many events around the state
  • Educators, join our exploration of Florida agriculture
  • Know any great writers?

Issue: September 2016

Savor a historic Florida place of coffee, cigars–and colorful characters

  • Brick streets alive with dreams, scented by dark coffee and cigars
  • Enjoy our new FORUM, featuring Florida Book Award winners
  • Opinions? Suggestions? FORUM survey
  • Orlando Veterans to tell personal stories on stage
  • Calling all veterans in Naples, Fort Myers areas
  • Know any great writers?
  • Teachers: Don’t miss the boat!


Issue: August 2016

Meet the free spirit who wrote one of Florida’s greatest novels

  • Who was Zora Neale Hurston? To know her is to be fascinated
  • Our next FORUM showcases Florida Book Awards
  • Engaging Speakers, Compelling Topics Thought-Provoking Discussions
  • The legacy of Stetson Kennedy: Activist, folklorist, and icon


Issue: July 2016

Did your favorite Hurricane Haiku win? Find out now

  • Your haikus astound We give honors all around State talent abounds
  • What distinctive Florida communities would you like to explore?
  • High Springs features underwater cave exhibit
  • Calling all Florida educators
  • Our thanks go to United Arts


Issue: June 2016

Are you a poet and know it? Try a haiku about hurricanes

  • Enter our Hurricane Haiku contest– win a prize and get published!
  • Our Veterans Documentary wins top television award
  • How Florida took part in the Harlem Renaissance
  • Bring the Smithsonian to your town
  • Our Thanks to this Top Trio!
  • Want to join our board?


Issue: May 2016

Florida Crackers ate whatever walked and didn’t talk

  • What is a Florida Cracker? Listen to this.
  • Wanted: Orlando-area veterans
  • “WaterWays” Smithsonian exhibit opens in Palatka on May 28
  • A Big Thank You!
  • Interested in serving on our board?
  • New grant deadlines announced


Issue: April 2016

How did Florida become the state to watch in presidential elections?

  • Why is Florida a political powerhouse (and how did this happen)?
  • Walk in the footsteps of a freedom fighter
  • Bringing Florida stories to life: See our newly funded grant projects
  • Events around the state


Issue: March 2016

What veterans tell us about coming home

  • After war: Surviving at home
  • FORUM Magazine: Coming to you in April
  • Don’t miss the real Everglades
  • High school students: Choose a learning adventure
  • Congratulations to our “Poetry Out Loud” champs
  • Join us or renew your membership and get a taste of wild Florida

Issue: February 2016

How did Florida’s Highwaymen artists succeed despite segregation?

  • Celebrate Florida’s Highwaymen: Legendary artists of the road
  • Florida writer David Kirby wins lifetime achievement award
  • High school students: Adventure calls this summer
  • Educators, reboot your routines!
  • Meet the people of the Everglades
  • Say it out loud: Join us March 12
  • Upcoming Events


Issue: January 2016

The real story: America’s first cowboys rode wild Florida (not the West)

  • Who were America’s first cowboys? Florida’s tough, pistol-packing cowMEN
  • Florida educators, check out new spring & summer workshops
  • Biographer Jon Meacham to speak: Lessons of the Presidency
  • Science and the Humanities: Can they get along?
  • Our Thanks to this Top Trio!
  • Do you have a seasonal address?