We hold these truths to be self-evident: How the declaration of independence offers a roadmap to a better union

Can the Declaration of Independence, an old text, a dusty inheritance, help us in any way with our current civic perplexities? Can it show us a way forward for reform of our political institutions? Can it help us rebuild our commitment to constitutional democracy and one another? Yes, I believe it can do all these things. Many people would respond to the question of whether the Declaration is relevant now

Listen to the Joy of Junkanoo

The bright colors, the loud clinking of a cowbell and the rhythmic beating of drums surround your senses as the music of celebration known as Junkanoo passes by. Held in select cities like Key West, Coconut Grove, Tampa, and Tallahassee, Junkanoo symbolizes the heart and soul of the Bahamian people. Originating from their spiritual African roots, Junkanoo celebrations began after Bahamian immigrants moved to Florida in the 19th century and
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