• An Evening of Jazz and Multicolored Memories

    Presented By Dr. Kitty Oliver A professionally-performed cabaret performance of inspirational jazz vocals* and literary stories tracing the common journey of native-born Americans and immigrants as we adapt to life in a diverse society and social change on a global scale. Dr. Oliver shares personal experiences moving from segregation to

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  • Race and Change Across Cultures and Generations: Florida Stories

    Presented By Dr. Kitty Oliver This multimedia program blends lively cross-cultural stories, research and discussion on coming of age with integration in ethnically diverse Florida in a 21st Century dialogue on race in a non-confrontational way. Drawing on an archive of over 125 oral histories of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians

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  • Remembering Paradise Park

    Presented By Lu Vickers In 1949, during the days of Jim Crow, when African Americans did not have access to many of the nation’s recreation areas, Silver Springs’ owners Carl Ray and Shorty Davidson did something no other Florida attraction did: they opened a parallel attraction for African Americans downriver

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  • State, Local, and National Campaigns: The Civil Rights Movement in Florida

    Presented By Michael Butler The idea that race relations in Florida did not experience the tumult that other Deep South states did during the civil rights movement dominate popular perception. This presentation examines the concept of “Florida exceptionalism” in relation to the black freedom struggle and places the Sunshine State

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  • “The Magnificent Drama”: Martin Luther King in St. Augustine

    Presented By Michael Butler The civil rights movement in St. Augustine received national attention when Martin Luther King, Jr. visited the city in 1964. Why did he come to St. Augustine, what were his goals, and how did his two appearances impact an already-vibrant local struggle? This presentation places what

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  • Hope of Freedom: Southern Blacks and the American Revolution

    Presented By Roger Smith During the American Revolution the British military offered freedom to enslaved blacks who fled to British camps to fight against the rebellion. But there was often a catch. This offer wasn’t available to those whose owners were loyal to the Crown. For those taken-in, many were cast

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  • The African Diaspora Experience in Florida

    Presented By Anthony Dixon Florida has a relationship with African descendants unlike any other state. This relationship has had a direct impact on the growth of Florida. Throughout each period of Florida history there is a significant presence of the African diaspora. Professor Dixon discusses this relationship by utilizing both

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  • The Highwaymen: Florida’s African-American Landscape Painters

    Presented By Gary Monroe This lively PowerPoint-assisted talk relates the story of these now-acclaimed artists, who taught themselves to paint idyllic versions of the Florida landscape and sell their creations door-to-door during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Their paintings have become the measure of indigenous Florida art and are

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