• Life and Death at Windover: Excavations of a 7,000-year-old Pond Cemetery

    Presented By Rachel Wentz Explore one of the most ancient, well-preserved archaeological sites in North America. The 7,000-year-old Windover archaeological site was a pond used for the interment of the dead and produced over 160 individuals whose analyses have provided insight into the life and health of people during Florida’s Archaic

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  • The African Presence in Spanish Florida: Black Seminoles

    Presented By Rosalyn Howard African slaves have often risked life and limb to escape southern slavery, but their options for sanctuary were extremely limited. Some fled to the Caribbean, while others fled south and joined forces with another group of freedom-seekers: the Seminoles. Dr. Rosalyn Howard will examine the African influence

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  • Modern by Tradition: Innovation and the Transformation of Seminole Culture

    Presented By Andrew Frank Between 1700 and the present, the culture of the Florida Seminoles has remained remarkably connected to its roots while also innovating in dramatic fashion.  This lecture explores this dynamic to show how the Seminoles have embraced this dualism of being both modern and traditional.  It examines, among

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