• Hurricane!

    Presented By Eliot Kleinberg How these amazing but devastating weather machines work and have affected Florida, focusing on recent storms and on the great 1928 storm, the second-deadliest disaster in U.S. history and subject of Eliot’s award-winning Black Cloud. Includes a warning that people might not be as prepared as

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  • Lighthouses of the Sunshine State

    Presented By Brendan Burke Over 50 lighthouse stand as silent sentinels along Florida’s 1,300 miles of coast. From shifting sandbars to reef-strewn shallows lighthouses have endured hurricanes, earthquakes, even military attack. From the tops of lighthouses, keepers have watched ships come to grief and reported the destruction of U-boats during

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  • Remembering Paradise Park

    Presented By Lu Vickers In 1949, during the days of Jim Crow, when African Americans did not have access to many of the nation’s recreation areas, Silver Springs’ owners Carl Ray and Shorty Davidson did something no other Florida attraction did: they opened a parallel attraction for African Americans downriver

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  • Cypress Gardens: America’s Tropical Wonderland

    Presented By Lu Vickers When Dick Pope transformed the swampland on the edge of Lake Eloise in Winter Haven into Cypress Gardens, he created an attraction that would become world famous, and in the process, cemented Florida’s reputation as the land of sun and fun.  He achieved these feats with

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  • Weeki Wachee: City of Mermaids

    Presented By Lu Vickers When Newt Perry sank a theater into the edge of Weeki Wachee Spring in 1947 and filled the water with cavorting mermaids, he probably had no idea that the mermaids would become world famous icons, representing the craziness of the Sunshine State. Lu Vickers’ presentation of

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  • Strangers in a Strange Land: Picturing Florida’s History Through Art

    Presented By Mallory O’Connor Florida has an especially rich visual mythology, images that span centuries of time and attest to both the vivid imagination of the artists who have sought to capture the essence of an exotic and colorful landscape and the equally flamboyant narratives that have fueled the region’s

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  • The Art of Hope: WPA Murals in Florida

    Presented By Mallory O’Connor Florida’s New Deal murals are the visual embodiment of a crucial period in America’s history—a period of economic uncertainty and disruptive social change.  They stand as a response to conditions faced by a struggling nation and their ultimate importance lies in the stories they tell and

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