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Come All Ye Bold Heroes: The “Evil Necessity

Event Date:

April 6 @ 9:00 am


Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
1 S. Castillo Dr.
Saint Augustine, FL 32084


Andrew Batten

Program Description:

In 1763, the Seven Years’ War, the first truly world war (the “French and Indian War,” as it is called in America) came to an end. Under the peace terms, Spain ceded its colony of Spanish Florida to Great Britain. For twenty years, from 1763 to 1783, British East Florida was the United Kingdom’s “14th Colony” in America and part of the British Empire. British East Florida consisted of peninsular Florida, with its western boundary at the Apalachicola River and its capital at the old Spanish city of St. Augustine, founded in 1565. Florida remained a loyalist stronghold throughout the American Revolution. St. Augustine became a British military bastion and Fort St. Mark (now the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument) became the central command-post for English operations against the American rebels in the Southern colonies. On Saturday, April 6, 2019, Florida Living History, Inc.’s (FLH’s – www.floridalivinghistory.org ) volunteers, in partnership with the National Park Service’s Castillo de San Marcos National Monument ( ), and The Colonial Quarter ( www.colonialquarter.com/ ) will present COME ALL YE BOLD HEROES: The “Evil Necessity, a heritage Event, from 9AM to 4PM and from 7PM to 8PM, focusing on the role of the Royal Navy in British East Florida and the colonial port of St. Augustine during the American Revolution. During the day-time portion of the Event, at the Castillo de San Marcos, sailors from the Royal Navy will talk about their role in fighting the American rebels while protecting Britain’s sea-trade and about life aboard His Majesty’s fleet. Loyalist troops will be seeking soldiers to march against the American revolutionaries. Visitors to the Castillo de San Marcos NM will be invited to “take the King’s Shilling” and enlist. Those who sign on will tour their new barracks, learn about the equipment and food with which King George will supply them, and practice 18th-century close-order drill under with their sergeant’s watchful eye. In addition, regular soldiers of Florida’s British Army will be on hand to demonstrate the daily life of a soldier on this frontier of the Empire, while the ladies of the garrison will discuss what it means for wives and children to “follow the drum.” At 4PM, this heritage Event concludes when Sgt. Batten, of the South Carolina Royalists, will issue a passionate appeal to the townspeople of St. Augustine, urging them to enlist and win glory by defending the Crown and Empire! At 7PM, beginning at St. Augustine’s City Gates, FLH’s volunteers will recreate a 1777 raid by a Royal Navy press gang along St. George Street, in the heart of St. Augustine’s historic district, seeking to forcibly impress (that “evil necessity”) locals into service in His Majesty’s navy. Following the Event, participants and visitors may adjourn to the Bull & Crown Tavern at The Colonial Quarter.



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