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Florida Game Day with Florida Public Archaeology Network

Event Date:

September 7 @ 11:00 am


Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center
1101 East River Cove Street
Tampa, FL 33604


Elizabeth Bird

Program Description:

Join us at the Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center for a trip back in time through the games that kids and adults used to play. Throw a spear with an atlatl just like Native American kids might have thousands of years ago, and try out other games that have been popular throughout Florida’s history. This event is free and open to the public, and is presented in association with the Smithsonian’s Hometown Teams Exhibit, Aug. 10 – Sept. 21.



The North Miami Project

Apr 11 – Aug 30, 2019
North Miami Public Library
Miami, FL

The North Miami Memory Project is an interactive exhibit and lecture series that documents Miami’s past.

The Sage Project Phase II

Apr 12 – Aug 31, 2019
Hannibal Square Heritage Center
Winter Park, FL

This exhibit features new portraits and living histories of their most senior residents who are natives or longtime residents of the African American west side Winter Park community.

Synchronica::Framing Time

Jun 28, 2019 – Jan 4, 2020
Historic Thomas Center
Gainesville, FL

Synchronica :: Framing Time, is an exhibition of 150 photo self-portraits and peer-portraits of young adults made in the same, broad place and ‘moment in time’: Gainesville, Florida 2019.