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Legacies of the Gilded Age: Politics, Perspectives & Public Perception

Event Date:

January 24 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Flagler College, Ponce de Leon Hall
74 King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084


Leslee Keys
(904) 819-6443

Program Description:

During the revolutionary year of 1917, there were many foreigners present in Russia who observed the events and offered their commentary. Among them were a number of American women, including journalists such as Louisa Bryant, war correspondents such as Bessie Beatty, political activists such as Emma Goldman, and important personages such as the Countess Speransky, née Julia Grant (granddaughter of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant), who recorded their impressions of the upheaval in poignant eyewitness accounts. Their reflections indicate the extent to which the Revolution provided inspiration for women in the form of greater rights and freedoms (as Russia granted suffrage and full citizenship to women in July) as well as disillusionment (as violence and repression increased with the Bolshevik accession to power after November). Their thoughts provide us with significant and invaluable insight into the ways that American women perceived not only the Revolution, but the intersections of feminism and Marxism, and views of Russian culture and society. Furthermore, they resonant into the present day, 100 years after the Revolution, to help us better understand the relationship between Russia and the United States, and the continued role of women in those intersections.