Join us as we celebrate the arrival of the traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit Crossroads: Change in Rural America. The evening celebration will showcase the temporary national exhibit and feature the permanent display devoted to Polk County’s transportation history and land use. A Henry B. Plant reenactor will also be present to discuss his revolutionizing idea to place railroad lines through Polk County in the 1880s that eventually led to tremendous growth in Central Florida. This exhibit is part of a partnership with The Smithsonian Institution and the Florida Humanities Council. In addition to a national focus on what happened when America’s rural population became a minority of the country’s population, the exhibit will serve as a launching point for storytelling and local pride, featuring several display panels that are adorned with maps and images depicting Polk’s transportation history and land use. A dedicated reading area is also offered where visitors can enjoy histories of local communities and industries that tell the story of how Polk developed. The exhibit will be on display from February 1 through March 15, 2019.