Step back in time and enjoy the stories of Theodore Roosevelt, former Lieutenant Colonel of the Rough Riders. This single character performance brings a turn-of-the-century Tampa Bay Hotel guest to life. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt (ret.) returns to the Tampa Bay Hotel to relive his experiences leading up to the U.S. invasion of Cuba. As Lt. Col. of the Rough Riders (as fine a collection of cowboys and blue bloods as one could ask), Roosevelt casts his critical eye on the military preparations for the war with Spain. Theodore talk of the army camps, the condition on the troopships and his time spent with his wife, Edith, at the Tampa Bay Hotel. His recollections are made through the lenses of a commissioned officer, family man and indomitable spirit. So saddle up for a thrilling ride as Roosevelt rides again! Theodore Roosevelt is played by actor Michael Norton. The theater performance is complimentary with admission to the Museum.