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In local communities across Florida, humanities-rich programming is making a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of Sunshine State residents and visitors alike. Florida Humanities is proud to partner with local community champions to bring you high-quality public programming through Community Project Grants, Florida Talks, Museum on Main Street, and more.

Alert: Some events may be canceled or postponed. We work to ensure that our events calendar remains accurate. We strongly urge you to call the event contact for any program you are interested in to confirm that the event is still planned.


EXHIBITION: Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando’s Underground

Orange County Regional History Center 65 E Central Ave, Orlando

The Orange County Regional History Center has organized a new special exhibition titled Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando's Underground. Between 1985 and 2001, the Orlando concert promoter "Figurehead" invigorated the musical landscape in Central Florida. "Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando's Underground" tells the story of how the company helped grow the local scene with a focus on underground rock music and the club circuit. Utilizing the extensive Figurehead

EXHIBITION: Following Fernando’s Footsteps: A Tale of Tampa’s “Invisible Immigrants”

Ybor City Museum State Park 1818 E 9th Ave, Tampa

The Ybor City Museum Society is presenting a special exhibit on Spanish immigration that will be on display through November 2023. The exhibit is based on a semi-fictitious book by Tampa native, Tony Carreño, entitled Following Fernando's Footsteps: The Tale of Tampa's "Invisible Immigrants, which chronicles the life of a young immigrant from Asturias, Spain to Tampa via Havana, Cuba. Exhibit topics include the six phases of immigration beginning with

EXHIBITION: Bahama Village: Relics of a Fading Community

Key West Museum of Art & History 281 Front St, Naval Air Station, Key West

Key West Art & Historical Society will debut a new exhibition on January 13, 2023, that will explore the history and culture of the often-overlooked segment of the community - former and current residents of Bahama Village. In this exhibition, history and stories will be woven together through various events that shaped the Black and Indigenous cultures of Key West. In the early 1800s and 1900s, the Black and Indigenous

EXHIBITION: An Elegy to Rosewood

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum 10975 SW 17th St, Miami

Following the end of the Civil War, the American South saw a rise in Jim Crow laws. In the town of Rosewood, Florida, these codes prevailed. In 1923, fifty years after the 13th Amendment was passed, racial tensions peaked with a later-dispelled rumor about an assault on a white woman, leading Ku Klux Klan members to track, assault, and kill Blacks in Rosewood. Known now as the Rosewood Massacre, news

English for Families at Miami-Dade Public Library System

South Dade Regional Library 10750 SW 211 St, Cutler Bay

The Miami-Dade Public Library System is hosting English for Families once a week for ten weeks from January 10 through March 14, 2023. The ten-week program includes interactive classes for parents and children that focus on developing English vocabulary and literary skills through strategic and fun story reading. Programming is designed to improve the language proficiency of individuals whose native language is not English by providing essential reading strategies needed

ACCORD Freedom Trail Guided Trolley Tour

Willie Galimore Community Center 399 Riberia St, St. Augustine

Anniversary to Commemorate the Civil Rights Demonstrations (ACCORD) has organized a narrated history tour for each Saturday in February to coincide with Black History Month. The tour includes many of the 30+ sites of the Freedom Trail Tour. This tour will be narrated by local historian and author David Nolan. Visitors will embark the local Green Trolley Bus and learn about the rich Civil Rights and African American History of

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: Keynote Presentation

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents "Getting Into Character: An Author's Research Adventures Around the World" with Robert Macomber. Join multi-award winning author and acclaimed speaker Robert Macomber for his sometimes hilarious and sometimes perilous tales about his research treks worldwide to write seventeen novels in his renowned Honor Series. Registration is suggested but not required to attend. The keynote presentation is held at the Gulf Coast Theater inside the

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

Join the Military Heritage Museum on February 25, 2023 from 9 am to 4 pm for the Charlotte Harbor Book Festival. Free and open to the public, literature lovers are encouraged to participate in local author panels and discussions, writing workshops for adults and children, booksellers row, and a keynote presentation with multi, award-winning author and acclaimed speaker Robert N. Macomber. This festival is funded in part through a Florida

The DeLand Black Heritage Trail Presentation

Burgess Museum at the DeLand Memorial Hospital and Veterans 230 N Stone St, DeLand

St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance together with the Burgess Museum will host a discussion on the DeLand Black Heritage Trail project as part of the Museum's Lemonade and Local History series. The Heritage Trail is a self-guided cycling and walking route to connect Black heritage sites and interesting and historically significant landmarks within the Greater Spring Hill area and beyond. It will encourage people to get out of their cars

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: Tough Guys Talk Turkey

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents Tough Guys Talk Turkey, a lecture by Chuck Emma. Author and lawyer Chuck Emma lectures about how to write believable action scenes and dialogue based on his experience writing a series of hard-boiled suspense novels with action scenes ranging from courtroom drama to high seas horror. Registration is suggested but not required to attend. Chuck Emma is a practicing attorney in Massachusetts and an

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: The New Man

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents The New Man by author Richard Hale. From eating quiche to biting the bullet, images of men in literature have often been extreme. Richard Hale, who has written three coming-of-age novels, discusses how showing a character's feelings and trying to make sense of the world help define the new image of men in writing. Registration is encouraged but not required to attend. Richard Hale

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: I Remember Mawzy

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents "I Remember Mawzy" with author Myra Allen Kingsbury. Kingsbury's strongest influence was her grandmother, who she called Mawzy. Her tribute to Mawzy, a lavishly illustrated allegory of life in the mountain towns of West Virginia, is the basis of her lecture on how writers can capture, catalog, and recreate their ancestry. Registration is suggested but not required to attend. Myra Allen Kingsbury was raised

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: Growing Your Environment

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents "Growing Your Environment" with author Paul LaFleur. Paul LaFleur has written of dying post-industrial communities and backwoods Florida to shape and molds his characters and readers. In this lecture, LaFleur discusses how to create or reproduce a story's environment to illuminate characters. Registration is suggested but not required to attend. Paul LaFleur is the author of four novels and several short stories. A native

The Magnificent Drama: Martin Luther King in St. Augustine

Leesburg Public Library 100 East Main Street, Leesburg

The civil rights movement in St. Augustine drew national attention when Martin Luther King, Jr. visited twice in 1964, sparking marches, arrests, and clashes between protesters and police on the tourist-lined beaches. Local and national objectives complemented and contradicted each other in ways that affect race relations today and are examined in this presentation. Dr. J. Michael Butler is a Kenan Distinguished Professor of History at Flagler College where he

Charlotte Harbor Book Festival: Finding Your Voice

Military Heritage Museum 900 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda

The Charlotte Harbor Book Festival presents "Finding Your Voice" with author Naomi Pringle. Gray is not an exciting color, but it is the shade books convey when storylines and characters sound alike. Naomi Pringle, author of two creative nonfiction novels, helps authors find their unique voices by crafting unique characters and dialogue. Registration is suggested but not required to attend. Naomi Pringle, author of Ginga Root Tea: An American Journey

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