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In local communities across Florida, humanities-rich programming is making a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of Sunshine State residents and visitors alike. Florida Humanities is proud to partner with local community champions to bring you high-quality public programming through Community Project Grants, Florida Talks, Museum on Main Street, and more.

Alert: Some events may be canceled or postponed. We work to ensure that our events calendar remains accurate. We strongly urge you to call the event contact for any program you are interested in to confirm that the event is still planned.

EXHIBITION: Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando’s Underground

Orange County Regional History Center 65 E Central Ave, Orlando, FL, United States

The Orange County Regional History Center has organized a new special exhibition titled Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando's Underground. Between 1985 and 2001, the Orlando concert promoter "Figurehead" invigorated the musical landscape in Central Florida. "Figurehead: Music & Mayhem in Orlando's Underground" tells the story of how the company helped grow the local scene with a focus on underground rock music and the club circuit. Utilizing the extensive Figurehead

EXHIBITION: Following Fernando’s Footsteps: A Tale of Tampa’s “Invisible Immigrants”

Ybor City Museum State Park 1818 E 9th Ave, Tampa, Florida

The Ybor City Museum Society is presenting a special exhibit on Spanish immigration that will be on display through November 2023. The exhibit is based on a semi-fictitious book by Tampa native, Tony Carreño, entitled Following Fernando's Footsteps: The Tale of Tampa's "Invisible Immigrants, which chronicles the life of a young immigrant from Asturias, Spain to Tampa via Havana, Cuba. Exhibit topics include the six phases of immigration beginning with

EXHIBITION: Bahama Village: Relics of a Fading Community

Key West Museum of Art & History 281 Front St, Naval Air Station, Key West, Florida

Key West Art & Historical Society will debut a new exhibition on January 13, 2023, that will explore the history and culture of the often-overlooked segment of the community - former and current residents of Bahama Village. In this exhibition, history and stories will be woven together through various events that shaped the Black and Indigenous cultures of Key West. In the early 1800s and 1900s, the Black and Indigenous

EXHIBITION: An Elegy to Rosewood

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum 10975 SW 17th St, Miami, Florida

Following the end of the Civil War, the American South saw a rise in Jim Crow laws. In the town of Rosewood, Florida, these codes prevailed. In 1923, fifty years after the 13th Amendment was passed, racial tensions peaked with a later-dispelled rumor about an assault on a white woman, leading Ku Klux Klan members to track, assault, and kill Blacks in Rosewood. Known now as the Rosewood Massacre, news

English for Families at Miami-Dade Public Library System

South Dade Regional Library 10750 SW 211 St, Cutler Bay, Florida

The Miami-Dade Public Library System is hosting English for Families once a week for ten weeks from January 10 through March 14, 2023. The ten-week program includes interactive classes for parents and children that focus on developing English vocabulary and literary skills through strategic and fun story reading. Programming is designed to improve the language proficiency of individuals whose native language is not English by providing essential reading strategies needed

EXHIBITION: Life in Pinecraft: A Photographic Exhibition

New College of Florida - College Hall 351 College Dr., Sarasota, Florida

New College of Florida's Humanities Division is hosting the photographic exhibition "Life in Pinecraft Through the Eyes of Katie Troyer" at College Hall at New College of Florida from March 1 through March 31. Katie Troyer is one of the most beloved personalities in the Pinecraft community. She grew up in an Amish family in Ohio and, after living in various Amish communities in the United States and Canada, she

African and African-American Contributions to American Culture

Port Charlotte Library 2280 Aaron St, Port Charlotte, Florida

In this presentation, Dr. Bireda examines the many contributions enslaved Africans and African Americans have made to American culture. Traditional culture retentions survived the Middle Passage and have influenced present-day American culture. This presentation provides surprising and previously untold facts about the impact of African and African American culture upon American culture as a whole. The library's seating capacity is limited. Please register by calling 941-764-5562 or visiting the registration

More Than Orange Blossoms: Feisty, Fabulous Females of Florida

The Niceville Community Center 204-C Partin Dr N, Niceville, Florida

Though not always in the history books, the women who helped build, form, shape, and develop the state have inspired hope and possibility. Stories of strong, courageous women like Julia Tuttle, known as the Mother of Miami, or Mary McCleod Bethune, daughter of enslaved parents who went on to become an advisor to several US presidents, and other brave women who influenced and impacted their communities, Florida, and the nation.

One Nation Under God: Religion’s Impact on the United States: Seeing the Other: Sacred Listening and Portraits with Daniel Epstein


The Jewish Council of North Central Florida hosts a lecture with Daniel Epstein as part of their series One Nation Under God: Religion's Impact on the United States. Daniel Epstein, creator of the Portraits of Faith online project, shares a "photographic meditation" and how various people have answered his key questions around the world. Portraits of Faith focuses on publishing interviews, conducting "Sacred Listening" workshops and working to dismantle the

What in the World? How Walt Created Disney World

Fernandina Beach Library 25 N 4th St., Fernandina Beach, Florida

When Walt Disney realized cheap tourist traps were enveloping Disneyland, he began a nationwide search for enough land to hold every dream he could imagine. What happened next would require a heightened degree of CIA-level secrecy for Disney's undercover team, who launched a misinformation campaign that included dummy corporations and secret transaction. However, when a keen-eyed reporter cracked the code, Disney was forced to show his hand. Audiences will be

Remembering Paradise Park

Pinellas County African American History Museum 1101 Marshall Street, Clearwater, FL, United States

In 1949, during the Jim Crow era, Silver Springs' owners Carl Ray and Shorty Davidson did something unique: they created a place for African-American tourists. Located downriver, they dubbed their creation "Paradise Park for Colored People." From 1949 to 1969, the former Silver Springs boat captain Eddie Vereen ran one of the most popular places for African Americans to visit in the country. Registration and admission are not required to

Stories of Florida–Con Sabor!

CreArte Latino Theater 8251 15th St E I, Sarasota, Florida

Florida stories have never been the same since Ponce de Leon first arrived in 1513. Flowing seamlessly between Spanish and English, this presentation connects personal, historical, and traditional Florida tales with the history, peoples, and cultures of Florida, con un poco sabor Latino- with a bit of Latino flavor! An internationally celebrated storyteller, teaching artist, and Chautauqua scholar, Carrie Sue Ayvar is the recipient of multiple awards for service, leadership,

James Weldon Johnson Park and Local Black History

Anderson-Price Memorial Building 42 N Beach Street, Ormond Beach, FL, United States

The Ormond Beach Historical Society is hosting their 2022-2023 live Speaker Series program. The tenth lecture explores James Weldon Johnson Park in Jacksonville, Florida as site of contested memory, specifically of racial violence and Black resistance. Felicia Bevel also discusses this public space as a lens to understand Black history in Florida and important activists such as A Philip Randolph, Mary McLeod Bethune, Eartha White, and Rodney Hurst.. Felicia Bevel

Female Superheroes: What Are Their Real Powers?

Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center 1101 E River Cove St., Tampa, Florida

When Superman first flew onto comic book pages, the Kryptonian set the bar for the future of the medium. Female superheroes also filled those pages from the start, but their portrayal has been a subject of controversy. This presentation examines how women are perceived in popular culture through the lens of comic books and asks what are their real powers?" Registration and admission are not required to attend, parking is

More Than Orange Blossoms: Feisty, Fabulous Females of Florida

Avon Park Community Center 310 W Main Street, Avon Park, FL, United States

The Historical Society of Avon Park presents "More Than Orange Blossoms: Feisty, Fabulous Florida Females" by storyteller Carrie Sue Ayvar. Though not always in the history books, the women who helped build, form, shape, and develop the state have inspired hope and possibility. Stories of strong, courageous women like Julia Tuttle, known as the Mother of Miami, or Mary McCleod Bethune, daughter of enslaved parents who went on to become

Operation Pedro Pan: The Voices and Stories of Cuba’s Child Exodus

University of Central Florida Student Union 12715 Pegasus Dr, Orlando, Florida

The University of Central Florida's Department of English hosts a two-day virtual and in-person bilingual schedule of programming featuring panel discussions, conversations, and music to bring awareness and understanding to the legacy of Operation Pedro Pan, an exodus of 14,000 unaccompanied minor refugees from Cuba to the United States from 1960 to 1962. Registration is required to attend on Zoom. Schedule of Events: Tuesday, March 28, 11:30 am -12 pm:

War in Paradise: World War II in Florida

Union County Public Library 250 SE 5th Ave, Lake butler, FL, United States

In the first weeks after Pearl Harbor pulled America into a two-front war, Germany's U-Boats worked with impunity. Off Florida alone, they sank 24 ships. Some of Florida's very features that attracted tourists made it a logical place for soldiers as well. The state, a strategic asset for its geography and climate, became an armed camp. Hotels turned into barracks, and hospitals, bases and airfields increased from 8 to 172

Florida Landmarks, Lodgings, and Legends

Lynn Pippenger Hall 50-378 7th Ave S., St. Petersburg, Florida

The Florida Studies program at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg hosts longtime Tampa artists Charles Greacen and historian Gary Mormino for a conversation about Florida landmarks and lore, featuring personal narratives and a historical sense of state. In Greacen's "Florida Landmarks, Lodgings, and Legends," he creates meticulous, photo-like drawings of iconic structures in the Tampa Bay area and beyond accompanied by short histories, personal memories and observations. Greacen

More Than Orange Blossoms: Feisty, Fabulous Women


Though not always in the history books, the women who helped build, form, shape, and develop the state have inspired hope and possibility. Stories of strong, courageous women like Julia Tuttle, known as the Mother of Miami, or Mary McCleod Bethune, daughter of enslaved parents who went on to become an advisor to several US presidents, and other brave women who influenced and impacted their communities, Florida, and the nation.

Chris Stirewalt: Broken News

Chris Stirewalt, former Fox News political editor, gives an inside view of the rage-driven political environment the United States has been plunged into. From Amazon: "Rage revenue-addicted news companies are plagued by shoddy reporting, sensationalism, groupthink, and partisan tribalism. Newsrooms rely on emotion-driven talk to entrance conflict-addled super users." This event is free to attend, but registration is required via the Eventbrite link. Stirewalt is a senior fellow at the

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