Florida Water Stories

Presented By Steve Noll

The presentation examines Florida’s long and difficult relationship to water throughout the state’s history.  Water shapes the lives of Floridians every day, as Florida’s geography and natural history make water concerns more pressing here than perhaps anywhere else in the nation.  The presentation examines how and why Floridians attempted to re-shape the state and turn land into water and water into land.  It looks at such contentious issues as Everglades drainage and restoration, the continuing battle over Rodman Dam on the Ocklawaha River, waters wars with Alabama and Georgia regarding Apalachicola Bay, battles over the state’s iconic springs, and the potential impact of sea level rise.  It analyzes these and other issues from both a historic and present day perspective and looks at ways we can improve our water situation.

Required Equipment:

  • PowerPoint Capability

Scholar/Presenter Information:

Dr. Steve Noll

Dr. Steve Noll is a master lecturer in the history department at the University of Florida. He received his PhD from there in 1991. He taught special education in the public schools of Alachua County for 28 years before moving over full-time to UF in 2004. He has written extensively on two widely disparate topics- Florida history & the environment and disability history. In 2009, he published the award winning Ditch of Dreams, about the ill-fated Cross Florida Barge Canal and is currently working on two books- one on the disability rights movement of the 1970s, and the other on Florida environmental policy and the politics of removing the Rodman Dam on the Ocklawaha River.