Archived Edition

Vol. XXX, No. 2, Summer 2006

Page 2, Humanities Alive: News of the Florida Humanities Council.
Page 3, The Prometheus Project By Karen Steen.
Page 4, A cultural sea change. By Michael Jepson.
Page 6, Fishing ain’t no easy life. By Ben Green.
Page 12, This is one important fish. By Terry Tomalin
Page 16, Calusa. By Darcie A. MacMahon and William H. Marquardt.
Page 20, Honoring the graves of strangers. By Karen Steen.
Page 24, Staying connected to the water. By Michelle Zacks.
Page 28, Enclave of history. By Maria Padilla.
Page 32, Remembering the forgotten coast. By Connie May Fowler.
Page 37, The trade in sea sponges.
Page 38, Sponge divers bring Greek culture. By Tina Bucuvalas.
Page 42, The net ban controversy.
Page 42, Net loss.
Page 44, No shrimp, no seafood, no bait By Andrew Huse.
Page 46, Book briefs.
Page 48, A witness to history. By Paul S. George.
Page 52, Scenes of old Florida / images by artist Mario Sanchez and photographer Patty DiRienzo reflect a Florida of the past.

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