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About Florida Talks

Florida Talks is one of Florida Humanities’ longest-running public programs. Our 2023-2024 Speakers’ Bureau features more than 30 exceptional scholars, journalists, authors, and humanities experts and over 70 brand new and returning programs.

Florida Talks offers nonprofit organizations across the state an accessible way to host engaging speakers who present Florida’s history, heritage, and culture through historical and contemporary lenses.

All Florida Talks programs are suited for out-of-school adults 18 years of age or older. Programs include a 30-45-minute presentation, followed by time for audience questions.

This program is sponsored in part by Florida Humanities with funds from the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of Florida Humanities or the aforementioned entities.

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Hosting Highlights

Florida Humanities pays a standard, pre-negotiated $300 honorarium directly to each speaker. We also provide marketing kits, survey materials and compiled responses, and complimentary copies of our magazine FORUM to each hosting organization. Organizations are responsible for any remaining costs to host the program including a speaker’s travel costs and marketing expenses.

Florida Humanities encourages all Florida Talks programs be free and open to the public. Florida Talks programs cannot be closed or member-only events. Any attendance fees should be minimal and non-prohibitive.


Florida nonprofit organizations, local municipalities, cultural and civic organizations, and educational entities are eligible to host Florida Talks programs.

Application Basics

Organizations must apply six weeks before they intend to host a Florida Talks event. Programs may be held virtually or in-person.  Organizations may apply to host multiple speakers with one application if all programs occur within 90 days.

There is no limit to how many speakers an organization can host per calendar year.

Organizations may have only one active Florida Talks application open at a time. All final reports must be closed in good order before an organization can apply to host another Florida Talks program(s).

Funding for this program is limited and not all eligible organizations may be approved for support.

Travel Reimbursement

In an effort to assist smaller organizations in their programmatic success, Florida Humanities offers up to $250 in travel reimbursement funding for in-person programs to organizations with operating budgets of $250,000 or less. This funding is distributed as a reimbursement upon receipt of a completed final report. Copies of applicable travel receipts must be provided.

“Florida Talks is an amazing resource that offers fresh and easy programming on a wide array of interesting, and even obscure, subjects. The speakers were knowledgeable and their enthusiasm for their subject matter really shone through. We had a terrific turnout with great discussion. The audience left asking for more!”

—Isabella Rowan, Programming Coordinator and Volunteer Manager, Delray Beach Public Library

Steps to Host a Florida Talks Program

Step One:

  1. Program Selection: Browse the Florida Humanities’ Speakers’ Bureau and select a program. If your organization is interested in hosting multiple programs within 90 days, you may include up to three (3) programs in one application.
  2. Contact: Contact the speaker directly and arrange a date, time, location, the format, and any travel costs for the program. Contact information for speakers is available on each speaker’s page.
  3. Apply: Create an account or log in to your account through Florida Humanities’ Application Portal. Apply six weeks before your program date. Applications will be rejected if your organization has any outstanding Florida Talks final reports. 

Step Two: After Your Application and Before Your Event

  1. Decision Email: Wait for a decision email from Florida Humanities staff before promoting your event, as not all requests may be approved. Applications are processed within two weeks of submission.
  2. Speaker Agreement: Following approval from Florida Humanities, confirm the date, time, location, recording permissions, format, and any travel costs with the speaker. We encourage all organizations to solidify these terms in writing.
  3. Event Listing Form: Once approved, submit an event listing form. Event listing forms are required to capture all details about your organization’s Florida Talks event including the day, time, format, location, and registration details. Submission of an event listing form is required and must be completed within 7 days of approval.
  4. Advertise: Use Florida Humanities’ marketing kits to advertise your program. The Google Drive link to the media kits is sent directly to the project director with the decision email if approved. Florida Talks programs are added to our events calendar and may be shared on social media and featured in digital newsletters.

Step Three: During Your Event

  • Communicate: We recommend testing all technology and the presentation platform with the speaker before the event. Florida Humanities does not provide technological support for Florida Talks programs.
  • Surveys: Distribute audience evaluations after the program. Provide a link to audience members for virtual programs. Florida Humanities sends organizations survey cards for in-person programs automatically. Collected survey cards can be sent directly to Florida Humanities after the program.

Step Four: After Your Event

  1. Final Report: Log back in to the Online Application Portal and complete a brief final report. Final reports request information on attendance numbers, the quality of the presentation, and program costs. Final reports are due within 7 days of hosting a Florida Talks event.
  2. Travel Reimbursement: Travel reimbursement forms, if applicable, are completed as part of the final report. Checks are sent directly to the host organization upon receipt and processing of final reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply to host a Florida Talks program?

    Any Florida organization constituted for nonprofit purposes.

  • Who are Florida Talks programs suitable for?

    All Florida Talks programs are suited for out-of-school adults 18 years of age and older.

  • Can I apply for a Florida Talks program with a speaker not on the Speakers Bureau?

    Organizations can only host a speaker and their presentation(s) from the Speakers’ Bureau for a Florida Talks program.

  • Can I apply to host a Florida Talks program if I have an open grant or other Florida Humanities-funded program?

    Organizations are eligible to host a Florida Talks program even if they have another open Florida Humanities grant or other Florida Humanities-funded program. Organizations must be in good standing with all other grants and programs, including previous Florida Talks programming.

  • When do I have to apply to host?

    Applications must be submitted six weeks prior to the event. Applications for events less than six weeks before the program date will not be accepted.

  • How many speakers can I host?

    Organizations may apply to host one speaker per application. If your organization is interested in hosting multiple programs within 90 days, you may include up to three (3) programs in one application.

  • What does Florida Humanities provide for my organization?

    Florida Humanities pays standard, pre-negotiated honoraria of $300 directly to speakers for virtual and in-person programs. We also provide templated marketing materials; event promotion across social media, newsletters, and event calendars to ensure statewide reach; survey materials and compiled responses; and, copies of our FORUM magazine.

  • What are my responsibilities as a host organization?

    Host organizations are responsible for all other costs associated with hosting a Florida Talks program, such as speakers’ travel expenses, venue rental, promotional costs, and other programmatic costs. Florida Humanities provides travel reimbursement funding to organizations with budgets of $250,000 or less.

    Host organizations must also complete an event listing form within 7 days of approval and a final report within 7 days of the program date

  • Are there any limits to the number of programs my organization can request in a calendar year?

    There is no limit to the number of applications an organization can submit for unique presentations per calendar year.

  • Why would my application be denied?

    Applications may be denied for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

    • Your organization has an open Florida Talks program
    • Your organization failed to submit a final report for a previous Florida Talks program
    • Your submitted application is incomplete or missing required information
    • Your proposed program(s) reach a limited audience. Florida Humanities gives preference to events that are free and open to the general public.
    • The application was submitted less than six weeks before the program date.

    Florida Humanities has limited funding and makes every effort to support programs statewide. Applications may be denied if funding is limited or no longer available.

  • Can my organization charge an attendance fee?

    Florida Humanities encourages all Florida Talks programs to be free and open to the public. If an attendance fee is charged, it must be minimal and non-prohibitive. Florida Talks events cannot be closed or member-only events.

  • Can my organization record the program?

    Recording permissions vary from speaker to speaker and can be confirmed with the speaker before the program.

  • Does Florida Humanities publicize my organization’s event?

    Florida Humanities will add the program to our online event calendar and may feature it on our social media and digital newsletters to ensure a reach beyond an organization’s immediate area.

  • When is my final report due?

    Final reports are due within 7 days of a Florida Talks event. Final reports are accessible through the Online Application portal.

  • Can I join the Speakers’ Bureau?

    Click here for the latest information on joining the Speakers’ Bureau.

Resources for Hosted Organizations

Digital Event Listing Form

Event listing forms must be submitted within 7 days of approval. If your organization is hosting multiple programs, submit one form for each event.

Sample Event Listing Form
Event Listing Form

Sample Speaker and Organization Hosting Agreement

This form is a sample of a contract between a host organization and the speaker to confirm a date, time, location, format, and any travel costs. This document is for sample use only and not for organizational use.

Sample Speaker Agreement

Hosting Checklist

Use this document to track your progress throughout hosting a Florida Talks program.

Hosting Checklist

Participant Surveys

Share the survey link at virtual programs to gather audience feedback. Organizations automatically receive survey cards for in-person programs to distribute and send to Florida Humanities. Survey cards can be sent to :

ATTN: Florida Talks
Florida Humanities
599 Second Street S
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

Online Survey

Final Report

Final Reports are due within 7 days of your program date. Final Reports can be accessed through the Online Application Portal.

Complete Final Report
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