With our culture wars at a full rolling boil, apparently all it takes to send our enmity over the edge is…a good old-fashioned country song?? The furor over Jason Aldean’s Try That in A Small Town (and then there’s Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond) is reminiscent of the old furor over The Dixie Chicks—only the “sides” have switched up.  As The Village Square aims to build  hometowns where everyone belongs, we’ll bring The God Squad into this musical fracas so that they can do their usual thing and go high instead of the usual low. Can we find a place where perhaps we can tolerate each other and just SING?

This program is part of the multi-year series presented by Florida Humanities in partnership with The Village Square: “UNUM: Democracy Reignited.” The series explores the past, present and future of the American idea — as it exists on paper, in the hearts of our people, and as it manifests in our lives.  Find the full series online here.