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2021 Florida Humanities Speakers Directory

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Welcome to the Florida Humanities’ Speakers Directory, a curated collection of the Sunshine State’s best and brightest experts, scholars, journalists, folklorists and more, poised to bring engaging presentations and conversations right to your local community.

Florida Humanities is the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Partnering with nonprofit organizations across the state, Florida Humanities funds a wide variety of grants and public programming that explores Florida’s rich history and culture.

How to use this directory:

Using this directory, organizations can connect with these experts to bring a wide variety of compelling humanities programming to their community.  Speakers can engage the public is several ways:

Florida Talks

Speakers may be asked to give a program for one of our Florida Talks partners. Florida Talks offers nonprofit organizations an easy, inexpensive way to host informative and thought-provoking presentations across the state.

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Community Project Grants

Speakers may be contacted to participate as a scholar, presenter, or panelist for a Florida Humanities-funded Community Project Grant. These grants support a variety of humanities programming based on the specific needs of a community.

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Museum on Main Street

Speakers may be asked to give a program that complements the theme of one of our Museum on Main Street exhibits. These exhibits travel to small and underserved communities and explore a variety of humanities topics.

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Please Note: Speakers on this directory have agreed to a capped speaking fee of no more than $300 for a Florida Humanities-funded event. This fee does not include travel, so be sure to discuss those details as you plan your event.

2021 Speakers Directory

Photo of Janie Gould

Janie Gould

Contact Phone:: 772-321-6705


About the speaker

Janie Gould, a fourth-generation Floridian, lives in Vero Beach and is a writer, editor, lecturer and retired public radio journalist. Janie created and produced the Floridays show for WQCS, the NPR member station for the Treasure Coast and has received numerous awards related to her broadcast journalism endeavors. endeavors. She has published three books, Floridays: Stories From Under the Sun, Vols. 1 and 2 and Food for Floridays: Stories and Recipes.

Programs Available

When Manatees Were Sea Cows: How Floridians Coped When Times Were Hard

The inventive ways Floridians put food on the table and survived during the Great Depression and its aftermath, focusing on one woman’s memories of how her unemployed father kept his family afloat by collecting Spanish moss and selling it for mattress stuffing.

Global Events That Touched Florida: Great Depression Through Cold War

Excerpts from radio interviews of Floridians recalling U-boat attacks, German POWs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and other history-changing events. One man recalls his father’s poker game rattled by a submarine blast 15 miles off Jupiter Island. Another about his first visit to the state—as a German POW. An African-American soldier remembers segregation during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Program format(s) available:

  • In-person

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