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2021 Florida Humanities Speakers Directory

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Welcome to the Florida Humanities’ Speakers Directory, a curated collection of the Sunshine State’s best and brightest experts, scholars, journalists, folklorists and more, poised to bring engaging presentations and conversations right to your local community.

Florida Humanities is the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Partnering with nonprofit organizations across the state, Florida Humanities funds a wide variety of grants and public programming that explores Florida’s rich history and culture.

How to use this directory:

Using this directory, organizations can connect with these experts to bring a wide variety of compelling humanities programming to their community.  Speakers can engage the public is several ways:

Florida Talks

Speakers may be asked to give a program for one of our Florida Talks partners. Florida Talks offers nonprofit organizations an easy, inexpensive way to host informative and thought-provoking presentations across the state.

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Community Project Grants

Speakers may be contacted to participate as a scholar, presenter, or panelist for a Florida Humanities-funded Community Project Grant. These grants support a variety of humanities programming based on the specific needs of a community.

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Museum on Main Street

Speakers may be asked to give a program that complements the theme of one of our Museum on Main Street exhibits. These exhibits travel to small and underserved communities and explore a variety of humanities topics.

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Please Note: Speakers on this directory have agreed to a capped speaking fee of no more than $300 for a Florida Humanities-funded event. This fee does not include travel, so be sure to discuss those details as you plan your event.

2021 Speakers Directory

Photo of Michael Scheibach

Michael Scheibach

Scholar, Author
Contact Phone:: 305-450-1927


About the speaker

Independent scholar Michael Scheibach, Ph.D., specializes in the history of the early Cold War (1945-1965). He is the author of three books on the impact of the atomic bomb on American society in the 1950s, including Alert America! — The Atomic Bomb and “The Show That May Save Your Life.” He received his doctorate in American studies from the University of Kansas and taught for several years as an adjunct professor. He currently teaches in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Miami.

Programs Available

Living with the Atomic Bomb: 1945-1965

The threat of an atomic bomb attack was felt throughout the nation in the 1950s and 1960s, including in the state of Florida, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. From duck and cover drills for children and youth, to family and community fallout shelters, to city and statewide civil defense drills, Americans were constantly reminded about the potential of an attack by the Soviet Union. Yet as adults prepared for this possibility, their children played with atomic toys and read comics about “The Bomb.”

Protecting the Home Front: Women in Civil Defense in the Early Cold War

So-called traditional roles for women in the 1950s as housewives and mothers have been well documented. Yet millions of women took advantage of the opportunity to expand their roles by either being employed by or volunteering for civil defense agencies and organizations. The Federal Civil Defense Administration set its goal as having women constitute up to 70 percent of the national civil program, and women responded. Women held management and operational positions, and served as block wardens, auxiliary police officers, nurses, and many other positions. These women have been largely overlooked by historians, which makes it important to examine their essential participation in the nation’s defense during this critical time in our history.

Presidents in Crisis: Their Response, Their Resolve, Their Leadership

America has faced many crises, from its very beginning as a new nation, to the Civil War and Great Depression, to World War II and the Cold War. The presidents during these crisis events met the challenge in different ways, but each one exhibited the qualities, the vision, and the leadership needed to persevere. This presentation examines the most notable presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and more.


Program format(s) available:

  • In-person
  • Virtual

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