How often do you strike out, alone or with another, to ponder and explore the humanity of Florida?

The many twists and turns, waterways, trails and roads contribute to the unique beauty of the daily life of a Floridian. What is much more intriguing are the stories behind the aesthetic. The literature, history, politics and cuisines tucked away beneath the surface of the roads we travel daily. Inside this magazine, on our Florida Stories walking tour app, and through our many programs and talks across the state, we share these known and untold stories that enrich, empower, entertain and spark curiosity and conversation. With our grantmaking, we support programs and events from hundreds of nonprofit cultural organizations that are also storytellers of the Sunshine State.

As Florida Humanities presents author-engaged book clubs, cuisine projects, engaging dialogues on sensitive topics, and much more, we ask you to help us move the needle on what it means to be a Floridian. The strongest way to sustain and elevate our efforts to do that is by committing your charitable giving to Florida Humanities through membership. This summer, we are launching a reimagined Florida Humanities Membership Program. It will offer a range of giving levels with a variety of benefits, such as discounts and access to exclusive events.

One major benefit that will be included in all membership levels is FORUM Magazine. After the summer 2022 issue, this award-winning publication is transitioning to a members-only benefit.
Dr. Nashid Madyun

One major benefit that will be included in all membership levels is FORUM Magazine. After the summer 2022 issue, this award-winning publication is transitioning to a members-only benefit. We are so grateful for your love and support of FORUM, and hope you will become a Florida Humanities member to continue welcoming the magazine into your home. We invite you to join this inaugural class of supporters and advocates dedicated to preserving and sharing Florida’s diverse history and heritage. Membership is not just about writing a check. Membership means you are taking an active role in supporting what you cherish, what’s meaningful to you, and helping others see the value in Florida Humanities that you already do.

To support Florida Humanities means to invest in experiences rooted in history and culture that bring us together and deepen our understanding of our community, our state and ourselves. We are approaching Florida Humanities’ 50th Anniversary in 2023, and with that milestone, we are working to create new experiences and discussing the possible return of old ones, such as the ever-popular “Gatherings,” group trips that took us all over the state to discover places and learn stories that tell the history and culture of Florida. There is much to review and a great deal on the horizon as we chart a path through the waters of another 50 years. As we reflect on what we have learned over the decades and the best practices to deliver to Florida, it appears that Floridians enjoy the craft of the experience. Floridians appreciate the slice of lifetime moments that transcends generality and reveals something that represents a unique blend. This will be a busy and transformative year for Florida Humanities, as we seek to increase our footprint, strengthen our reach and impact and unearth the unsung humanity of Florida. The literature, history, visual culture and craftsmanship across these five regions of 67 counties is rich in her charm like a young boy in the 1870s and his pet deer, her soulfulness like an embattled novelist that writes a novel in one paragraph’s scroll, and the wondrous individuality of an artist that paints a life’s walk on a highway with one stroke. Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Dr. Nashid Madyun, Executive Director

Dr. Nashid Manyun, Florida Humanities Executive Director

FORUM Spring 2022 Cover

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2022 Issue of FORUM Magazine. Visit our collection at the USFSP Digital Archive by clicking here.