Modern by Tradition: Innovation and the Transformation of Seminole Culture

Presented By Andrew Frank

Between 1700 and the present, the culture of the Florida Seminoles has remained remarkably connected to its roots while also innovating in dramatic fashion.  This lecture explores this dynamic to show how the Seminoles have embraced this dualism of being both modern and traditional.  It examines, among other things, their origin stories, dress, cuisine, housing, ceremonial life, and family life.

Andrew K. Frank is a specialist in the history of the Seminoles and other Indians of Florida.  He is Allen Morris Associate Professor of History at Florida State University and an award-winning author and editor of many books and articles.  His books include Creeks and Southerners: Biculturalism on the Early American Frontier (2005) and The Seminole (The History and Culture of Native Americans) (2010).   He is currently finishing Those Who Camp at a Distance: The Seminoles and Indians of Florida—a synthesis of the history of the Seminoles from their origin until the present.

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Andrew Frank