Above photo: Cave divers enter the labyrinth of Manatee Springs, one of the state’s first-magnitude springs, located on the Lower Suwannee River. Photo by Mark Long.

Water is the essence of Florida’s identity. From crystal-blue springs to vast Everglades wetlands, our Florida stories are never far removed from water. We hope you enjoy our most recent FORUM magazine focused on water. We encourage you to explore more Florida stories from the FORUM magazine collection at the University of St. Petersburg Digital Archive. Each of these water-themed issues dives into another element of Florida’s most all-encompassing relationship, reminding us to ponder the challenges and beauty of this great natural resource.

FORUM Magazine, "Written in Water"

Our latest issue of FORUM “Written in Water,” explores Florida’s all-encompassing relationship with its waterways, beginning with a look at how water’s rise informed the lives of our peninsula’s earliest inhabitants – and the lessons that apply to us today. Through the stories of Floridians, we share how our waterways have provided us livelihoods and promised us freedom; at times divided us, often united us, and always inspire us. We pay literary tribute to the late writer Bill Belleville, who chronicled the beauty of our waterways and beckoned us outside. And we look ahead to how communities across our state are preparing to cope with the rising seas.