Patrick Smith’s Florida is a Land Remembered

Presented By Rick Smith

Rick Smith, Jr. doesn’t do this show alone. His father, Patrick Smith, makes video appearances throughout the program to entertain and enlighten you about his extraordinary life as a writer and his thoughts about Florida.

He’ll explain things such as how his first Florida book, Forever Island, gained him international attention and resulted in two trips to the USSR and a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize in Literature. This was a crucial step in his writing career and actually inspired him to write a true chronicle of that trip to the USSR. He’ll explain how he worked alongside migrant workers in order to write Angel City, which helped improve the lives of migrant workers everywhere. You’ll learn how he researched A Land Remembered for over two years before he could write it. He’ll share his thoughts about the “real” Florida

Required Equipment:

  • PowerPoint capable computer, projector and screen

Scholar/Presenter Information:

Rick Smith

Rick Smith and his wife, Kim Miller, live in Cambria, CA, where they own Panorama Studios, a video and media production company. Rick’s 30 year career in media and video production began with an interest in photography he developed during his youth while living in Florida.

Although Rick lives in California, he maintains close connections to Florida. His family lives in Florida and he spends several months each year visiting them and conducting business related to his late father, Patrick D. Smith. For the last two years Rick has gone on multi-month speaking tours centered around his father’s best known novel, A Land Remembered. Rick created and maintains several websites centered around his father’s books, including Patrick Smith and