Dreamers & Schemers

Dreamers & Schemers Statewide Roadshow

The Florida Humanities Council is currently seeking community organizations around the state to host our Dreamers and Schemers program.

What is Dreamers & Schemers?

This engaging series of programs features actors/scholars portraying historical figures who helped shape Florida.

Some are native sons & daughters who strove to protect their beloved home. Others came here looking for their freedom or fortune. While their motivations varied, each left an indelible mark on this great state.

These dreamers and schemers bring history alive on stage—and engage your audiences in thoughtful reflection and dialogue about our state’s rich heritage.

This is Dreamers & Schemers


Hosting a Dreamers & Schemers program is easy:

  • We handle all payments of honoraria and travel expenses to each performer, musician, and the moderator
  • We coordinate all performer, musician, and moderator travel
  • We provide all tour publicity templates including a flier and program playbill that can be reproduced by each site, as well as access to a mailing list for our members in the area

Our current Trios

Environment vs. Development
The lure of tourism and industry has always been at odds with preserving Florida’s natural beauty and unique ecosystems. Henry Flagler, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas had very different visions of what the future Florida should look like and who should control its natural resources.

Florida’s Great African Americans
With its unique history and geographic location, Florida has always been racially diverse. Like many travelers to our state, Zora Neale Hurston, Francisco Menéndez, and Mary McLeod Bethune each came to better themselves, but ended up bettering all of us.

Frontier Florida
On the eve of Pearl Harbor, the Sunshine State was the least populated state in the South and one of the last frontiers in the country. Jacob Summerlin, Ivy Stranahan, and Napoleon Bonaparte Broward each fought to tame the wilderness and helped blaze a trail for the rest of us.