Standing Down Reading and Discussion

Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian

In partnership with the Great Books Foundation, Standing Down is an anthology that includes 44 selections, from William Shakespeare to personal accounts of the war in Iraq.  The volume includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, and memoirs, all powerful works of literature that give voice to many of the authors’ own experiences of military service. Learn more about Standing Down, here.

In recognition of the fact that less than 1 percent of the U.S. population engages in military service, and that as a result veterans often struggle to find their military experiences understood by the public at large, the Standing Down reading and discussion program is specifically designed to give veterans the space to speak authentically about both their service and transition back to civilian life.  Family members as well as all others interested in reflecting on the experiences of those who have served are encouraged to participate. Any non-profit tax-exempt organization in Florida is eligible to apply to host a program.

This event allowed us (vets) to bond and learn that no matter how unique our individual experiences are we all can find a common thread that connects us and allows us to understand and appreciate one another. Events like this one strengthen the veteran community by exposing us to one another and allowing others into our world.Milton D White, Ret MSgt, USMC.
Assistant Director of Veteran Services and Coordinator of the Military and Veterans Success Center University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

To access the on-line application form, applicants must contact Tyler Tarrant, Program Coordinator, at 727-873-2040, to discuss their proposal and receive an application password. No-unsolicited or hard-copy proposals will be accepted.

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