PrimeTime is a six-week program of reading, discussion, and storytelling for families with young children. Held in public libraries and community centers, this program features award-winning children’s books that stimulate discussion about humanities themes and issues encountered in everyday life. PrimeTime is designed to:

  • increase family bonding and reading time
  • improve reading attitudes and behaviors
  • increase public library use
  • improve student academic achievement

How does PrimeTime work?

PrimeTime is offered free of charge and typically includes up to 15 families. For each session a storyteller guides families through the reading of award-winning children’s books that address a specific theme. After the reading, the discussion leader poses questions that promote critical thinking. For example, “Was the character brave? Honest? Honorable? Resourceful? How can we tell?” These discussions relate each story to everyday life, with lessons the families can take home.

PrimeTime makes it fun for families to attend. Before the program begins, all participants enjoy a meal together and learn about valuable resources in their communities. Special activities are planned for pre-schoolers and weekly prizes keep families motivated to return each week.

Learn more about PrimeTime:

With support from the Florida Humanities Council, more than 112 PrimeTime programs have been implemented in 22 Florida counties since 2004. The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities created and developed PrimeTime in 1991 and, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, expanded the program to 40 states.

Read about the significant effects of PrimeTime on student achievement in a Ten-Year Impact Study in Louisiana.

Watch PrimeTime in action with this video produced by the Orange County Library System.


PrimeTime Serving Florida Families


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