The Telling Project

Florida Humanities Telling Project

What is it like to come home from war, move from a life of military discipline, search for a new purpose—and try to re-enter a civilian world that doesn’t understand? Florida veterans are answering those questions as they tell their personal stories of life and the military on community stages around the state.

By participating in The Telling Project, these veterans are helping bridge a communication gap with an American society in which less than 1 percent has served in uniform over the past dozen years of war. We brought the national Telling Project to Florida in 2015, sponsoring performances in the Tampa Bay area and Pensacola. Using scripts based on their own words, the veterans drew standing ovations—and lots of questions and conversation—from community audiences.

Current Programs

Telling: Southwest Florida

The Telling Project is coming to the Naples/Fort Myers area in Spring of 2017.  Do not miss local veterans sharing their compelling stories!

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Past Programs


Telling: Gainesville

Five Gainesville area veterans including a two-time purple heart recipient shared their personal stories of service in November 2016.

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Telling: Orlando

Four Orlando-area veterans and a Gold Star mother will shared stories of life and the military on stage in September 2016.

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Telling: Pensacola

Six Pensacola-area veterans shared their own stories of life and the military on community stages in November 2015.

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Telling: Tampa Bay

Six veterans and one military wife told their personal stories on Tampa Bay-area stages in March and April 2015.

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Watch Florida veterans and hear their stories

Watch this full-length Telling Project stage production of Tampa Bay area veterans, held in the Largo, Fla. Cultural Center.

This program occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.