Frank Lloyd Wright and His Influence on Florida Architecture

Presented by:
Wayne Wood
In-person Presentation Needs:
Screen, projector, microphone
Presentation Length:
40 Minutes

Program Details

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by many to be America’s greatest architect. Although most of his buildings were constructed in the American Midwest, many Floridians are surprised to learn of his vast work and influence on the state, boasting the Prairies-style buildings east of Illinois. This entertaining program gives the audience an in-depth understanding of this remarkable part of Florida’s architectural history.

About Wayne

Widely regarded as one of the foremost chronicles of Northeast Florida history, Wayne Wood has been called the “undisputed godfather of preservation in Jacksonville.” An author, historian, and artist, he founded Riverside Avondale Preservation and Riverside Arts Market. He has published 15 books on Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage.

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  • Phone: 904-234-6833
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