From Hungary to Florida: The Life and Works of a Hungarian Twentieth-Century Composer

Presented by:
Ethan Watford, MA
In-person Presentation Needs:
Projectors, screen, speakers for music
Presentation Length:
45 Minutes

Program Details

This presentation discussed the life and works of twentieth-century Hungarian-American composer Joseph Velezdy. Though a barber by trade, Velezdy wrote music throughout his nine decades of life. After retiring to Titusville with his wife Mary, he donated all his works to various public institutions throughout central Florida to ensure they would outlive him.

About Ethan

Ethan Watford is a musicologist from central Florida. He received his MA in Music History from the University of Central Florida. Prior to his current position in the Anthropology department at UCF, he worked with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra in the education department and music library, as well as with Orange County Public Schools. His current project is on the life and works of Hungarian composer Joseph Velezdy.

Contact Information and Details:

  • Phone: 850-628-7807
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