Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Rachel Carson: Their Books Changed the World

Presented by:
Betty Jean Steinshouer
In-person Presentation Needs:
Laptop, podium, microphone, projector, screen
Presentation Length:
45 Minutes

Program Details

This program begins in 1941, when Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a journalist, writing her River of Grass book for money, not to save the Everglades. When Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962, some of the United States’ most beloved birds were well on their way to extinction due to pesticides. This program tells how Douglas restored the Everglades and Carson saved wildlife through their writings.

About Betty Jean

Betty Jean Steinshouer has presented programs in 43 states and Canada on a variety of authors and subjects. Her article on the “Dear Honey” letters by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings was selected for the anthology Once Upon a Time in Florida to be published by University Press of Florida. She was named a Fellow in Florida Studies by University of South Florida-St. Petersburg in 2004 and will soon finish a book for UPF’s History and Culture series Florida Journeys.  

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  • Phone:727-735-4608
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