Sacred Waters: Exploring the Protection of Florida’s Fluid Landscapes

Presented by:
Victoria Machado
In-person Presentation Needs:
Podium, projector, screen, computer/cable for Mac laptop
Presentation Length:
45 Minutes

Program Details

This presentation explores efforts to rethink Florida’s waterways. Utilizing the art of storytelling and drawing from the spirituality underlying the environmental movement, this presentation discusses present-day efforts to restore Florida’s waterways and investigates the motivations of environmentalists who love and advocate for these water bodies. Dr. Machado’s lecture draws from her six-year doctoral study of Florida’s environmental activists.

About Victoria

Victoria Machado (she/her) is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at Rollins College, teaching Nature Writing and Nature Spirituality in the fall. While working on her PhD in Religion and Nature at the University of Florida, she explored the underlying spirituality of Florida’s environmental activists. Her chapter, “Bioregionalism and the Catholic Worker Movement”, was published in Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice in 2016.

Contact Information and Details:

  • Phone: 954-683-9422
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