Seminole Portraits: Reflections Across Time

Presented by:
Annette Fromm
In-person Presentation Needs:
Projector and Remote
Presentation Length:
45 Minutes

Program Details

This presentation introduces audiences to a variety of Florida Seminole portraits from the nineteenth century and how the portraits were used as propaganda to represent the Seminoles as a dying people. “Seminole Portraits: Reflections Across Time” challenges this long-held belief to explore changing perspectives of Native Americans and the Florida Seminole. With a focus on portraiture over time, the rich history and continued vitality of the Florida  Seminole will be brought to life, including introductions to current Seminole artists throughout the state.

About Annette

Annette B. Fromm is a folklorist who specializes in ethnicity and immigrant cultures and has worked in museums for over 35 years. She has curated exhibits about Native American history and art and writes and speaks about multiculturalism and museums, ethnographic museum practices, and more. Most recently, she led the graduate museum studies program at Florida International University.

Contact Information and Details:

  • Phone: 305-532-3530
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