Stories of Florida- Con Sabor!

Presented by:
Carrie Sue Ayvar
In-person Presentation Needs:
Microphone and sound system
Presentation Length:
60 Minutes

Program Details

Florida stories have never been the same since Ponce de Leon first arrived in 1513. Flowing seamlessly between Spanish and English, this presentation connects personal, historical, and traditional Florida tales with the history, peoples, and cultures of Florida, con un poco sabor Latino- with a bit of Latino flavor!

About Carrie Sue

An internationally celebrated storyteller, teaching artist, and Chautauqua scholar, Carrie Sue Ayvar is the recipient of multiple awards for service, leadership, and dedication to the art of storytelling and education. Her bilingual blend of traditional, historical, and personal tales connects the people, languages, and cultures of Florida.

Contact Information and Details:

  • Phone: 305-778-7998
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